The Unwanted Gift

Tom Elliff shares how he and his wife, Jeannie, came to view their toughest challenge as a gift. Through biblical study and reflection on a personal trial, he teaches how to accept that hardships bring life’s greatest measure of God’s grace and power. Our most painful problems, though unwanted, can truly be gifts from God

This is our story, Jeannie’s—and mine. But this is also the story of a gift—a gift no one, not even you, really wants. By the end of the story, we pray you’ll discover the reality that, hidden within this unwanted gift, are the very treasures you have always longed to possess. But first I need to tell you about two gifts we both wanted . . . passionately!

Hardcover (Dust Jacket) $11.00

What-Should-I-SayWhat Should I Say To My Friend?

As you follow the story of Bill, a young university student seeking to communicate his faith, you will walk with him as he experiences the excitement, discouragement, and pure  joy of sharing the Gospel.  This narrative presents seven essential Christian doctrines in a way that anyone can  understand.

116 pages, softcover, $12.99

The Broken Curse

Perhaps your life has become difficult. You are weighed down with the accumulated failures, disappointments, and verbal clods of the past. Rather than life being a heady adventure, you’re just slogging it out. Isn’t it time you removed the verbal debris that has accumulated in your soul? Isn’t it time you experienced what it means to run again, unhindered? Isn’t it time you experienced The Broken Curse?


The-Red-FeatherThe Red Feather

Can there be a happy ending to a story that includes such themes as divorce, and automobile accident, Alzheimer’s disease, and death?  For almost 25 years I’ve been telling the Story of the Red Feather, usually during the Christmas season-but not always.  The Red Feather is a true story.  I know it’s true, because it happened to me and my family.

107 pages, hardcover, $14.99



Letters-To-LoversLetters to Lovers

“If you are looking for good, Godly advice on marriage and family relationships, then you’ve found it!  Letters to Lovers is a book filled with wisdom, written by a very wise couple, my friends Tom and Jeannie Elliff.” – Dennis Rainey

159 pages, softcover, $12.99



In-Their-Own-WordsIn Their Own Words

When an old man dies, a library is burned. That old African adage reminds us that what we leave unrecorded will one day be lost forever. As believers, the most important thing we can share with the world is the testimony of a remarkable experience with God’s grace. Featuring Bill Bright, Charles Colson, James and Shirly Dobson, Elisabeth Elliot, and 50 more.

208 pages, softcover, $12.99



10-Questions-Every-Husband10 Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife Every Year

This pocket size book contains some incredibly simple, yet powerful truths which will revolutionize your marriage. You will learn how to listen to the heart of your wife. Using 10 probing questions, you can open up her heart…and neither of you will ever be the same again!

70 pages, paperback, $7.99



10-Questions-Every-Wife10 Questions Every Wife Should Ask Her Husband Every Year

A companion book to 10 Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife Every Year by Tom Elliff, Jeannie Elliff shares with ladies the importance of communication. A major issue in every successful marriage, yet many wives  lament, “I just don’t think my husband is really listening to me!”  Listening begets listening.  Here are ten questions to ask your husband every year.  If you will listen to his answers, you may be surprised at how eager he will be to listen to your heart as well.

66 pages, paperback, $7.99


10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Children Every Year

“I just don’t think you ever listen to me!” How many parents have heard that statement from a child? Communication is a major issue in every family. Remember the biblical principle of sowing and reaping? You will reap a listening heart by first becoming a listener yourself!

60 pages, paperback, $7.99

A-Passion-For-PrayerA Passion for Prayer

Of all the disciplines of the Christian life, prayer is perhaps the most neglected.  Yet Jesus’ brief earthly life was permeated with it.  If our Lord made prayer such a priority in word and deed, how much more should we!  A Passion for Prayer seeks to help Christians like you develop-or deepen-your communion with God.

252 pages, softcover, $12.99



The Pathway To God’s Presence 

The Pathway to God’s Presence encourages those who feel as though they have lost the sense of God’s presence in their lives and wish greatly to restore it. Each chapter examines the Old Testament account of Moses and the often-wayward children of Israel, making clear the idea that “there is a distinct difference between God’s provision and his presence.”

Read this book and feed your hunger to know God at a deeper level and experience a sense of progress in your walk with God – in the form of answered prayer and a fresh awareness about God’s direction for your life.

140 pages, Student version (black cover) $10
Trade version 12.99